Set Up Technician-Injection Mold Machine


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Set Up Technician-Injection Mold Machine Gladewater, Texas

Set Up Technician-Injection Molding Machines

Pay $14.00 hr. to $18.00 hr.
Hours: 6:45a-3:05p

Job summary:

Set-Up technician is responsible for set-up and removal of molds and associated equipment for injection molding machines and for setting machine controls to ensure production of products that meet the quality standards. Performs PM on molds per specified procedures.

Summary of essential job functions:

Personal work effort must be done with safety and preventing mold or equipment damage the first consideration.

Obtain approval of supervisor for set-up and product produced.

Follow set-up procedures, if there is a problem, notify supervisor.

Assist operator on start-up.

Performs diagnosis and solves operation or problems.

Identifies the need for mold or equipment maintenance.

Perform PM molds per specified procedures.

Stop any operation where there is an issue of safety or product quality.

If delegated by the supervisor, train or assist team members when operation problems occur.

Scanning of Finished Goods and pulling pallets at end of shift

Daily mold and machine documentation in process log books

Minimum requirements

H.S. Graduate or equivalent.

3-5 years experience making set-ups in equivalent equipment.

Understands productions and quality standards and has the judgment to determine the product meets the standard.

Must have the ability to train operators for safety and efficiency.

Abilities required

Job duties in plant environment, exposed to high temperature equipment, noise, dust, odors, etc.

Lifts, moves, and handles mid to large items up to 3500 pounds.

Technical assistance is available for heavy lifting.

Requires manual dexterity, care and caution to handle powered hoists to position molds in the injection molding presses. Procedures require standing, lifting, bending, climbing, pushing, and reaching for proper mold alignment.

Visual acuity required for process and product inspections.

Scanning of Finished Goods and pulling pallets at end of shift


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